Featuring 25 artists, selected from every art school in the country, Hatched tests the boundaries of emerging arts practice while celebrating the diversity and talent of Australia’s latest art school graduates. 

As we reach the midpoint of 2022, the dual opportunity and threat of huge social, political and economic changes are on our doorsteps. It is not surprising that the concerns, interests and provocations of this year’s cohort of Hatched artists encompass the existential threat of climate change; truth-telling in relation to the dark history of colonisation; the importance of family for healing and comfort, and the shifting nature of our relationships with digital realms.  

Each artist takes bold and surprising approaches to their work, thematically and materially. In doing so, they tackle the big questions we are currently facing as a society and respond to the upheavals of our time with humour, grace, and unflinching bravery. Displaying fresh, exciting, and unique practices, this year’s cohort of Hatched artists push us out of our comfort zones, eyes firmly fixed on the future. 

The Hatched 22 selection panel was made up of Rohin Kickett (Artist, Perth), Pilar Mata Dupont, (Artist, Rotterdam), Llewellyn Milhouse (Exhibition Production Designer, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane), and Talia Smith (Artist and Curator, Sydney).

We thank Major Exhibition partner Minderoo Foundation for their support of Hatched: National Graduate Show 2022 and the Hatched Curatorial Fellowship, currently held by Miranda Johnson.

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