Khaled Sabsabi

Hatched Alumni: 2005

I genuinely believe in the power of art as an effective and influential tool to communicate with people. As a full-time contemporary visual artist who works in video, mixed media and site-specific installation work, my artistic process involves working across art mediums, geographical borders and with communities to create immersive and engaging art experiences. For over 30 years I have worked in detention centres, schools, prisons, refugee camps, settlements, hospitals, youth centres, public and private galleries in the Australian and international context. Today, I continue to expand my practice, producing over 63 major mixed media and installation based works to date and exhibiting in over 89 solo and group art exhibitions in Australia and abroad.

I am inspired by what may define us as a society and I strive to make artwork that reflects human collectiveness, while questioning ideological principles and complexities of identity politics. I make artwork that is in constant flux between the everyday and the metaphysical, in hope to find ways to enlighten our understanding of universal dynamics, which is far more complex and ultimately, more inconceivable than our physical selves.


What does Hatched mean to you?’

Through expression we find a platform for reason and the constant movement towards pushing limits and perceptions.

Hatched for me is about a continuation of this momentum with the next generation of art makers that will further contribute and define the Contemporary Art landscape we live in.

The importance of Hatched is in its abilities to bring together an extensive range of new graduate talents from across these lands into one place, to be viewed and absorbed by audiences and the arts industry alike. Its strength is in the revealing and more than often transitioning these new art makers into our broader arts community and ecology, further assuring and affirming a sustainable creative culture for all.

I would like to congratulate Hatched for reaching 30 years and wish PICA the very best with this necessary creative platform and offering, your commitment is engaging and crucial to us all.