Anna Jalanski


VCA School of Art, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Fine Arts(Visual Art) Sculpture and Spatial Practice

Anna Jalanski collects everyday objects to create uncanny relationships that focus on texture, tone and shape. When she encounters an object, it must spark an initial excitement – something charming about its gaze, its glowing details or its humour that releases a smile. By focusing on an object’s material qualities and elaborating on what she sees, she allows the form to undergo a series of transformations until it achieves a sense of autonomy. A form is complete when it can speak with its own voice and hold its own space.

Objects that hold by holding each other is like a synonym for, “I don’t like to use glue” is a series of works that focus on the relationships between two materials, in particular, how these materials connect to become a unified form. The simplicity of the two attached objects further accentuates each material’s unique qualities, such as texture, shape, tone, space and scale. The behaviour of the materials relates to bodily gestures such as pinching and squeezing, as well as drawing on physical aspects of the body such as flesh, skin, and breath. Jalanski pairs objects into oddly inseparable forms, which are humorous, playful, charismatic and gross. With tenderness and commitment, she helps objects to flourish as they are, letting them live and move beyond her and into the world.