Georgia Gregory


Edith Cowan University
Bachelor of Visual Art

Georgia Gregory’s work explores perceptions of colour. She is particularly interested in how colour exists on a continuum between darkness and light and the use of complementary colours. Her work explores colour through architectural installations, using easily available suburban materials such as Colorbond. The scale and form of her works are transformable, responding to the spaces within which they are installed.

Colour Bonds is drawn from everyday experiences such as the way light travels up iron fences and through blinds. The installation of Colour Bonds shifts in response to the space, taking on its history and specific qualities. The use of LED lights directly informs the colour palette of the structures, as light acts as a vehicle for colour, creating brilliance and depth that enhances the shape and form of the steel. Through this experimentation with colour, light and architecture, Gregory encourages the viewer to consider their connections to the colours and materials they see throughout their life. In this way, she reminds us to appreciate the visual and architectural design of the spaces that provide context to our experiences.