Kate Hocking


Federation University Australia
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Fine Arts)

Driven by the curiosity to explore the unknown and a desire for new experiences, Kate Hocking creates artworks inspired by the intricate world of fungi. Spending hours in rainforests and bushland, she photographs the different characteristics, shapes and textures of the local Victorian fungi. Her use of macro photography highlights aspects of the fungi not seen by the naked eye, drawing attention to their otherworldly appearance. These views also inspired the textured outer surface of her sculptural vessels, which reflect the fragility of fungi. 

Hocking uses unique techniques to create delicate ceramic vessels. The sculptural works are made from southern ice porcelain, paper pulp and vinegar creating a blended malleable clay. The combination of materials allows Hocking to create paper-thin strips of clay that can be manipulated and delicately attached to the main form. The texture is reminiscent of the fungi body. The resulting surface of the vessels is deceptively soft in appearance yet is also sharp. Like the fungi themselves, the vessels can be easily broken and damaged by handling. The artist’s unique perspective of the fungi is shown in the photographs, which capture alien-like images to highlight the otherworldly aspects of the fungal form.