Lauren Downton


University of South Australia
Bachelor of Contemporary Art

Lauren Downton’s practice investigates environmental and social decay and regeneration. She uses slip casting methods to create moulded assemblages that decay over time, like a crumbling, ruined building. Historically, ruins represent both past and future times, reminding us of time passing and the uncertainty of the future. Downton’s work displays an awareness of current global change, where reconsidering our relationship with nature becomes critical in achieving sustainability for future generations.

Remains is a series of porcelain sculptures, reminiscent of skeletons or bleached coral. Downton uses unconventional materials such as crystals, experimental glazes, and stains. The crystal growths encrust the porcelain, which eventually disintegrates, echoing environmental collapse. Downton repurposes previously made porcelain branches through kiln firings, using the ash as an experimental glaze. Presented on round, charred wooden surfaces reminiscent of Petri dishes, the shapes evoke scientific specimens and historical relics while also reminding us of the cycle of death and regeneration.