Tyler Krelle


Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts)

Tyler Krelle is interested in the shifting territory between online and physical spaces. In her work, she attempts to understand concepts of curated online identities which result in repeated images of the self. Through a focus on experimentation with both digital and analogue mediums, Krelle communicates and explores the dissolving of identities and dispersion of personal data. 

Krelle uses photogrammetry to create many of her works, which is the act of scanning physical forms and transforming them into 3D models. Fractal uses multiple photogrammetry scans of the artist’s body, which were digitally manipulated as a 2D image to be printed. The projection overlaying the print is the texture map of the artist’s body. Sold (data of a 21-year-old female) is a satirical work exploring the current global obsession with NFTs, a type of digital ‘collectible’ that can be sold for millions of dollars. Krelle’s work is available for sale for $0.36, approximately how much Krelle’s data is worth online. In this way, Krelle highlights how identity can be dissolved across digital mediums, and the traces we leave behind in the forms of personal data.