Sasha Hunt


National Art School
Bachelor of Fine Arts

Sasha Hunt’s sculptural practice is informed by his background in carpentry and graffiti art. Through his experiences of chronic illness, Hunt is interested in ideas of transience, as a reminder that nothing is permanent, and everything can transform. This idea extends to the objects around us, such as discarded material left on footpaths for council collection. He explores these objects through gentle interventions, often a playful reconfiguration of the found items. Hunt allows the objects to transform beyond their normal use and design, resulting in surprising sculptural installations. Through a process of collection, arrangement, dismantling and reassembling, each element connects for a brief moment before it is pulled apart to become the next configuration.

The process of collection is important to Hunt, as the place the item is found is as significant as the object itself. Collected from back alleys and roadside clean-ups, the discarded items are no longer considered functional. By placing the items together to imply function where there was none, Hunt hopes to ignite curiosity in the viewer, allowing them to create their own story about the work. As the sculptures transform across sites, from collection, studio, and gallery, their meaning and function continue to change. The work finds a moment of stillness while exhibited. Afterwards, it returns to the studio or the street as raw material once again.