Kiron Robinson

Hatched Alumni: 2004

Kiron Robinson lives and works out of Naarm/Melbourne. His work circulates around ideas that he recognises existing within the photographic – doubt and belief – and the relationship between these two states for their own existence. He uses a number of photographic strategies across different mediums to interrogate these ideas. He loves photographs but does not trust them.

Since 2003 Robinson has exhibited his work widely in Australia and beyond. He has held recent solo exhibitions at Sarah Scout Presents and the Centre for Contemporary Photography. He been granted a number of public art commissions and has curated a variety of exhibitions, most recently questioning the current photographic condition including at West Space, Benalla Art Gallery and as part of the Photo 2021 festival. His work is held in public and private collections.

Kiron has been a New York City Fellow at apexart, New York, and from 2005-2007 Robinson was a Gertrude Contemporary studio resident. Kiron is a lecturer within the Photography Department at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University. His favourite gum is Hubba Bubba grape flavour. 


What does Hatched mean to you?’

I was selected to participate in the Hatched: National Graduate Show in 2004. As a graduating student who really hadn’t shown work much outside of the university setting this was pretty exciting. Hatched provided me with the first recognition from someone who was outside of my immediate circle of teachers and classmates. Someone else who thought that my work seemed interesting enough to be engaged with. This was a major thrill to me. To have my work treated like Art and subsequently me as an Artist.

I now work as lecturer and each year see some of the students that I have had interaction with also receiving this opportunity. We form a little alumnus of shared experience, of being treated seriously by an institution. When I have talked about it with students we always seem to comment on the distance. I am based in Naarm/Melbourne so the work travels 3,464 kms (I checked on Google Maps) to be a part of Hatched.  It seems that each kilometre makes the treatment of the work more significant. For all of us that I am still in contact with we acknowledge that Hatched gave us a push to start being artists beyond the safety net of studying. That’s what this exhibition means to me. It is the first push into the world of Art. It formed the first connection between what I was asking through my work and someone I didn’t know maybe sharing similar questions.